alcohol & irony
i wish that we were magic
johanna mason. (johanna/finnick, johanna/gale.)
pg-13. 1,394 words. spoilers through mockingjay.
There's something to be said for habits it's hard to break. Johanna, after the war.

i"m lucky that you picked up, lucky that you stayed on; i need someone to put this weight on.Collapse )
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alcohol & irony
with a whimper (not a bang)
katniss everdeen/gale hawthorne. (rory, prim, posy, etc)
pg. 1,577 words. character death, sadfacing.
au; the 74th games do not reap primrose everdeen. this is what happens instead; it's kind of a love story.

She says, Will you run away with me?

He says, yes.

There is a tree above them and a rock underneath them and the air is clean, clear, the fresh taste that comes after the rain thick in their mouths.

She leans forward and presses her mouth to his. This is going to be an adventure, she says.

There is no one else I'd rather be with, he says, smiling with his eyes.

(She is twenty-five and he is twenty-eight and (almost) all their children are grown up and their mothers are settled and now, now, finally they can be free. Freedom comes with a price and they know it; but it has already been paid.)

--Collapse )
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alcohol & irony
set in the same universe as ready to suffer, ready to hope. basically, cut out your heart if you love somebody; if you're lucky, they'll love you back.

this you can keep
pg. spoilers through mockingjay. 1511 words
katniss/peeta. (kat/gale, finnick/annie, johanna, cinna, haymitch, prim.)
peeta gives katniss his heart. usually this is the end of a love story; for them, it is the beginning.

i"d promised you a heart, you"d promise to keepCollapse )
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