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alcohol & irony
31 December 2014 @ 08:06 pm
this worked okay last year, let's get it on.

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alcohol & irony
HI [personal profile] tea  IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! i hope your day is amazing and you are having the best of times. i'm super glad we're friends & it's been really awesome getting to know you!!! you're a really cool person - smart and funny and so, so talented - and if you ever leave me i will cry SO MANY BITTER TEARS. basically, have the best of years, have the best of lives, you're SO AWESOME &you;;;;; HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

so, i made you a thing? halifax is how we met (BEST THING ABOUT IT) and we always talk about how the pat/sid au would be lovely! so. this is not the porn i think we both want. BUT THERE IS PAT/SID. 

everything will be all right (if you keep me next to you)

pat/sid, >1k, not explicit enough, lbr.

“Do you regret Halifax?” Patrick doesn’t have to look up to feel the intensity of Sid’s gaze.

“No,” Patrick says, too fast. “Fuck, no. Never.”

“So,” Patrick says. Sid kicks his foot against Patrick’s.

“You okay?”

“Always,” Patrick says. Reaches out, tangles his fingers up in Sid’s.

Sid’s got big hands. Big, warm.

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alcohol & irony
Uh, I guess this is the first explicit thing I've ever posted/finished? [personal profile] tea wanted the sex scene from November in Dress for the Weather and I am, as always, weak to her will.

you are the scar on my tissue
patrick/jonathan. painplay, sadness.
~3000 words, explicit.

Jonny doesn’t need to breathe. He just turns his face, a little, and lets Patrick’s mouth slam into his.Collapse )
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alcohol & irony
23 February 2014 @ 02:39 pm
HI DREAMWIDTH. i'm super high on sleep dep and patriotism because MOTHERFUCKERS BACK TO BACK MEN'S/WOMEN'S ICE HOCKEY GOLDS SUCK IT EVERY OTHER COUNTRY #wearewinter etc. also i'm rewatching this goddamn video of tj oshie trying to kiss david backes and getting shut down and i'm fucking weirdly sexually obsessed with david backes rn so it's really fucking upsetting.

um anyway jonny toews is a heartbreaker and i'm broken about john tavares AND i would like all of my hockey friends to be hockey friends w/ each other? all like, three of you, whatever. LET'S ALL BE FRIENDS. AND CRY ABOUT CANADA. (i mean, obviously you can ... not cry about canada? but hockey = canada SO.) i'm really bad at introducing people though bc dw/lj are dead and i'm useless BUT I THINK THIS COULD BE COOL.

to that end here is a dumb fucking "friending meme" (i expect like, three of you to show up BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). i'm super out of it rn so these are dumb questions. [personal profile] tea  is supposed to talk me out of the worst ones but i'm incorrigible (like tj oshie in david backes' bed, BOOM).

uh... even if you don't know me, please feel free to come say hi! WE ARE ALL PROTO-FRIENDS. (unless we're enemies. then maybe don't. not that i have enemies. except sleep. SLEEP IS MY ENEMY.)

please fill out in comments:
- your username/preferred form of address
- where you can mostly be found/how you can be contacted/if i can add you to obnoxious gchats with more than just me in them
- your team(s)/player(s)/ship(s)
- your tolerance for trash talk
- how much money we should throw at pk subban to just subbycam the entire world
- trope you will always read/trope you hate more than i hate garth snow (i hate garth snow a lot)
- fave olympic game/why
- position you would bang david backes in / why
- the unwritten hockey fic of your heart
- a gifset you enjoy???

(PICK AND CHOOSE AT WILL the only important ones are the first three)
alcohol & irony
[personal profile] tea and i were talking about tazer getting pregnant with kaner's baby, as you do. so then we plotted it. IT'S GONNA BE SO GOOD, YOU GUYS, i say as the person who dodged the actual bullet of writing the actual story (i already have my epic, thanks very much).

obviously i went and complicated shit for myself by inserting hockeybot brotp feelings everywhere, so this is a prequel.

feeling like gold
jon toews/sidney crosby
pg, mentioned mpreg (:////), brotps that sometimes transcend into makeouts.
~4200 words.

Sam Crosby is one and a half during the 2018 Olympics. Sidney carries her to the opening ceremonies in a sling on his chest and the CBC does an hour-long special on the Circumstances Of Her Birth, zooming in on her tiny, animated face.

Jon is next to him in the march. "I don't get it," he says, under his breath. "How is she not crying?"

Sid shrugs. "I got a good kid, Toews. She's used to this kind of thing."

She is, in fact, asleep and sucking her thumb. Her eyelashes are super long and super dark and Jon has never felt about a baby the way he feels about Sam Crosby; like she could be the centre of his world, if he got to know her.

Once, Patrick sat next to Jon while they watched a special on Sid and his baby...Collapse )
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alcohol & irony
[personal profile] tea encouraged/abetted my plotting and then [personal profile] fahye and [personal profile] fadedclassic did not tell me to stop. THAT IS MY EXCUSE.
(ALL the hearteyes.)

my love, it's very late
jonathan toews/sidney crosby.
pg. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind fusion.

Everybody knows: Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby don’t play against each other. Even the League doesn’t reject a medical concern of this magnitude.

you will still haunt meCollapse )
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alcohol & irony
This is a SUPER belated birthday present for the wonderful, wonderful [personal profile] fahye, who has been SUCH A GREAT HELP wrt the ridic Halifax novel, and also is the staunchest Liv/Kelly shipper in like, the universe. I had hoped it was going to be done in time for Christmas, but Freya, you were there for that meltdown, so obviously you know what happened.

Anyway! Here you go. <3333 This takes place in the universe of Dress For The Weather, in the future of the main story, and probably an alternate universe of that future, but I'm not ruling anything out. BABIES.

(Thanks to tumblr user demotu and [personal profile] fadedclassic for the handholding + French help! <333)

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, [personal profile] fahye!!!!

this year, i devour
timothée kelly/olivia veilleux.
pg-13; brief mentions of underage sexuality
you told me mornings were the best time to break your own heart

THIS IS A STORY ABOUT A DUMB MISUNDERSTANDING, HELL TO THE YES. title from margaret atwood; summary from clementine von radics.

any story about timothée kelly is a story about olivia veilleux.Collapse )
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alcohol & irony
02 January 2014 @ 06:54 am
I spent new years' eve making drunk bad decisions; spent new years' day with probable alcohol poisoning (ugh, margaritas, why are you so good and so awful; oh I know because I tipped ALL THE TEQUILA INTO YOU) mainlining "Ground Floor" with Skylar Astin (surprisingly acceptable) and also the sixth Fast and Furious movie.

In lieu of a wrapup post (2013 was like the worst year of my life, hands down, not a drill, except for the bright spot that was HALIFAX!!!) I'm gonna talk about my Yuletide fic, cool? Cool.

I wrote "it's hard to do these things alone", which is a Fast and Furious fic in which Brian O'Conner talks to cars, the cars talk back, and Dominic Toretto tries very hard not to cave to how into that shit he is.

ramblingCollapse )
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alcohol & irony
31 December 2013 @ 01:48 pm
let's try and get this one right, shall we?

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alcohol & irony
26 December 2013 @ 03:30 pm
:)))) let's not talk about christmas, except it's been beautiful, new zealand is beautiful, everything is boring, and it's fun to hang out and get drunk in my parents' house. MMM, BEING HAPPILY CASUALLY DRUNK.

yuletide is SO GREAT, everyone. i haven't been through the archive comprehensively yet, but i have loved SO MANY STORIES already!!!

my gifts:

Episode 8 – All the Things - The Outs, Mitchell&Jack + ensemble

Mitchell steps right in a puddle as he’s stammering through his relationship debrief with Jack. It figures. Somehow no rain has fallen since last night yet the streets are slick and the sky is overcast. Yet Jack Widdows wanted to go for a long walk, and there are times, even now, when Mitchell just can’t say no to Jack Widdows.

This is SO fantastic. When signups came around I had just finished watching The Outs - which is fantastic, btw, if you're looking for a short brainsuck, this is your show - and this is a brilliant epilogue which gets everything about the characters and their future perfectly right. (Also: flawless Mitchell-voice, oh man. NO FLAWS.)
The mini-crossover at the end fucking wrecked me and I have a new Mitchell ship.


Martyr for a Cause - The Fosters, Callie+Jude

She would bend over backward to provide for him. Even if she had to sacrifice everything in order to do it.

Largely my feelings about the show can be summed up as "Oh, Callie" and this fic captures her perfectly, in all her protectiveness and her damage and what it means for her future. ;___;


other recs:

arrested development, brooklyn nine-nine, the almighty johnsons, the magicians, nashville, windows 95 tips, literary rpf, fast and the furious series, his dark materials, dead poets" society, breakfast with scot, animorphsCollapse )
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